fake, pseudo ☜☞ falso, seudo

The word FAKE is used most often in association with the collected plays of Pedro Calderón de la Barca published in the nine volumes under the shared title Parte added to the volume number. The partes were published in Madrid, by his friend Juan de Vera Tassis between 1682-1691.  Although many complete genuine partes exist, there are just as many fake partes in libraries and private collections, in fact, many libraries have hybrid sets of the nine volumes. "Fake partes" or "pseudo Vera Tassis" are the commonly accepted terms. The distinction between "fake" and "factitious" is that the fake partes were created by printers and bookseller using suelta editions of the plays bound together with the intention to deceive the buyer into thinking they were buying the genuine volume printed from a setting of type. Fake partes contain reprints of the preliminaries of the real partes, minus don Pedro’s engraved portrait, and have bound whatever sueltas were available by any printer, arranging the titles in the same sequence as they appeared in the original. Even a cursory look reveals that these volumes do not have continuous pagination or signature, and the sueltas that comprise them have the individual look and variety of any bound factitious volume.

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