About this website

This website offers a collection of resources for the study of comedias sueltas, Spanish plays published in inexpensive quarto editions from the seventeenth to the early nineteenth centuries. It is geared toward scholars conducting research on Spanish theater and on book history and print culture in Iberia before the machine press.

The heart of the website is its database of comedias sueltas in academic and research libraries in the United States. It is a searchable union catalog to which new records are constantly being added. It seeks to locate all known copies of comedias sueltas in major libraries as well as in many smaller collections. The records that participating institutions have generously contributed to this database are gradually being improved upon with the addition of new data seldom traced by library catalogers, including dedicated fields for printers, publishers and booksellers, caption titles, physical description (format and collation), provenance, and the presence of typographical ornaments. Additionally, when available, records include high-resolution images of title pages and last pages in order to aid scholars in confirming that they are dealing with the exact copies they wish to locate and study.

In addition to the main database, the site includes the following resources:

The impetus behind this website was the difficulty involved in locating comedias sueltas in academic and research libraries’ online catalogs. Studying the corpus of suelta editions, which constitutes a important dimension of the history of publishing in Spain, presents a significant challenge when one must search one author at a time. Advanced search capabilities in standard library catalogs offer little help when sueltas lack a date, and it is difficult to search by printer or publisher when dedicated search fields for that purpose are lacking; typographical features like ornaments and woodcut illustrations are rarely if ever traced in library records.

Simply put, the only solution was to create a dedicated portal where the researcher knows that all items listed are comedias sueltas printed before 1834.

We hope that this resource enables scholars to  locate hard-to-find copies and that it can contribute not insignificantly to furthering the study of this worthy field of investigation.