sourcing ☜☞ fuente de adquisición

The practice in most libraries of noting in pencil, in the inner margin (gutter) of the second recto, information such as the source and date of acquisition of a single suelta or of an entire volume. This was done to many books, and because the writing runs parallel to the spine, it was rarely noticeable. The majority of the sueltas in the Hispanic Society’s collection reveal whether the suelta was a purchase or a gift. There are dozens of sueltas with the name of Ada Coe and the date of the donation. In the 1960s, Miss Coe had a habit of donating sueltas to HSA, often around the date of Archer Huntington’s birthday (March 10).

See also: annotations, local notes
Notice the date of this gift: March 13, 1968. Archer Huntington had passed away in 1955 but Miss Coe continued to donate sueltas from her personal collection to the Hispanic Society.

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