local note(s) ☜☞ nota(s) del ejemplar

Local Notes appear toward the end of the record. They are dedicated fields in which cataloguers may note any copy-specific detail that the specific suelta in hand (i.e., the one belonging to that library) did not have at the time of printing. These can reflect conditions of wear and ageing, such as:
  • acquisition source
  • annotations
  • browning
  • cancel slips
  • excessive cropping
  • ownership
  • staining
  • stab holes
  • stamps
  • tears
  • wormholes
  • wrappers
However, there are some problems with this concept regarding stamps and cancel slips. Although these notes should reflect any condition of an individual suelta, we know that when a print shop was sold and its stock transferred, cancel slips and bookdealers’ stamps could be affixed to several hundred sueltas. There may be an equal number of sueltas with and without the cancel slip or stamp.

See also: foxing, provenance, stains / discoloration, wormholes, wrappers, wrapped
local note(s)
local note(s)