general note(s) ☜☞ nota(s) general(es)

Situated about halfway down the record, the General Note is the field where the diligent and observant cataloguer can add valuable information about the play itself or about the specific edition of the play. Among other things, we have been diligently tracking information regarding these and other topics:
  • Author attributions (a real problem)
  • Desglosadas (a major headache for most cataloguers without the special expertise that D.W. Cruickshank brings to this task)
  • Tracing the title of a translated work back to its original title
  • Concealed reprints (later printing that bears an earlier, false date)
  • Lists of actors printed on the suelta (a real help for those interested in the performance aspect)
  • List of other titles for sale by printer or bookshop (an interest for those building a better understanding of 18th-century printing and reading in Spain)
See also: authority file, citation reference. local note(s), National Union Catalog / NUC pre-1956, OCLC / WorldCat
general note(s)
general note(s)